FINSTERFORST « …Zum tode hin »

FINSTERFORST Genre: Folk Viking Metal
Label: Einheit produktionen 2009
Playing time: 70:38
Rate CD: 9/10

FINSTERFORST « …Zum tode hin».
I have to say this is the first time that an accordion doesn’t sound ridiculous in a viking metal album. The songs are extremely well composed with inteligent and inspirated riffs. The rich atmosphere is deep and clean as the really good production of this CD. Epic, charming, powerfull… One of the best release of these last years.

Favorite song: Das große erwachen

finsterforst-cd black dans Viking metal



BILSKIRNIR « Wotansvolk »


Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Wotanstahl Klangschmiede Germania 2007
Playing time: 37:32
Rate CD: 7/10

BILSKIRNIR « Wotansvolk ».
The sound is dirty but the music is majestic. This epic
album is quite original by some riff structures and inspiration.
A german pagan atmosphere reigns during all the deep and powerfull
songs of this strenght demonstration. Melodic parts and dark riffs
are combined in solid compositions, with tortured and raw screams vocals.
An fantastic journey through german ages.

Favorite song: Niedergang

bilskirnir-cd bilskirnir dans Pagan metal

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STORM « Nordavind »


Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Moonfog Productions 1994
Playing time: 42:38
Rate CD: 8/10

STORM « Nordavind » is for us the first emergence of Viking Metal.
The music is simple, mid temp powerfull folk melodies of traditionnal Norwegian songs.
The sound is just perfect, loud and clear, not like actual
bands with a modern professional sound. This is how folk metal must
be, cold, epic, serious, proud, powerfull and true.
Not like most of the post 21 century folk pagan bands with false disguised people,
with these ridiculous dancing and festive musics…
We highly recommend adding it to your personnal collection.

Favorite song: Mellom bakkar og berg

storm-cd3 black dans Viking metal

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GODKILLER « The rebirth of the middle ages »


Genre: Medieval Black Metal
Label: Wounded love records 1996
Playing time: 20:29
Rate CD: 9/10

GODKILLER « The Rebirth of the Middle Ages » is an epic travell through
the ages with an aggressive but enjoyable sounding.
Medieval themes and various extreme metal influences composed the music
of this excellent MCD. Songs are very well-constructed with great riff ideas.
This masterpiece is one of the most interesting extreme metal recording.

Favorite song: From the castle in the fog

godkiller-cd black dans Epic medieval black metal

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GRIMM « Ter galge »

GRIMM Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Nepherex 2009
Playing time: 28:00
Rate CD: 9/10

GRIMM « Ter galge » is just fantastic. With an incredible mix of
dark and glorious riffs, the music carry us through pagan epic moments
with clear well executed vocals and black guitar riffs. Very powerfull
and professionnal production, the sound is clear and clean but still
in underground vein. Fortunatly this stuff stay straight and don’t
fall in abyss of caricature like actual pagan/viking metal bands.

Favorite song: Toverwaas der kwijning

grimm-cd black dans Pagan folk

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ADULTERY « Age of rebirths »

ADULTERY Genre: Pagan Black folk Metal
Label: Eastside 2006
Playing time: 39:53
Rate CD: 6/10

ADULTERY « Age of rebirths » is a really interesting album with various musical styles.
Some tracks are pure raw black metal with epic pagan parts, some are folk songs, others with differents extreme metal influences like old school death metal for example.
We have to say that this slavonic stuff is really rich and it offers more than simple pagan metal music.

Favorite song: In the stars

adultery-cd adultery dans Pagan folk

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MENHIR « Ziuwari »

MENHIR Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Perverted taste 2001
Playing time: 38:15
Rate CD: 9/10

MENHIR « Ziuwari » is the perfection of this style. Just epic and majestic!
An amazing german album with heavy, black and pagan influences in the best way.
The songwritting is various and excellent and the album is supported by a good and powerfull production with clean and harsh vocals. The real pagan warrior’s spirit is present during all these glorious tracks. Definitly a masterpiece…

Favorite song: Wotans runenlied

menhir-cd black dans Pagan metal

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